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Taking the leap into publishing

By October 22, 2023No Comments

It has been a long time since I last updated the website, but it was not lost at all. I did a lot of work on the edits of Soulhazard, and also edited and prepared Alemaster: Awakening for publication. It will be out before the end of the year as a Kindle / Kindle Unlimited title, and the whole affair, while probably being quite mundane and everyday-like for most authors, gives me a buzz every time I think about it.

It’s the fulfilling of a dream, being the author of a published book. And once I take that step, the even bigger responsibility of continuing the effort, living up to the expectations set by the first book, even exceeding those expectations, all of those will be on top of me.

I’m ready. Let them come.


* Featured image courtesy of Foundry Co on Pixabay