The Endless Cycle

The Endless Cycle world is a place of magic where mortals from the physical world and the deities occupying the so-called ‘heavens’ live in a symbiotic relationship spanning thousands of years, passing between them the knowledge of their world.

When this cycle is broken, the deities become arrogant and self-centered, losing their balance. The mortals, on the other hand, begin fighting for the scraps of magical power that the gods have left in the physical world, creating a system of temples led by “enlightened” priests.

The magical system of the world is based on emotions, and this applies both to mortals and immortal deities. While all immortals can use the power equally, the able magic-users of the physical persuasion have become scarce and split by the way they are able to manifest their power. Some can relive emotions from books and notes they read, and pour them into liquid form, becoming alchemists. Others do not need the help of written material and can encase emotions into items, creating enchantments. The rarest and most powerful are able to channel their emotions directly, creating the magical effects that the gods themselves are able to produce.

Politics are not very complicated in the world. Several prosperous city-states exist, each content with the way it runs its own area. Each city is run by a local guild or temple, and a self-imposed balance of power keeps all of them in place.

Unless an ancient source of magical power resurfaces, and all the temples desire it above all else. Then you have a legendary mess on your hands.

Books & Novels

alemaster cover

Alemaster: Awakening

All that Illyon Corvis wants is to get drunk. The problem? Ale gets him a direct line to the gods. And they haven’t talked to anyone in a very long time…

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Alemaster: The Search

Ily wants to get rid of his nightmares after he had to kill a goddess to set her free. Instead, he is given a quest, just like in the old legends. Literally.

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Alemaster: Freedom

To harness the power of the Seed of Divinity, Ily needs the services of a curse-breaker. But first, he has to deal with a hungry gremlin, and that is very hard once you’re on the menu.

In production

Alemaster: Rebirth

Ily is finally free from the chains of the gods. Now, however, his true task begins. He has to follow Gar, the god of Fire, into the Long Walk and discover what it really means to be a seeker.