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The end of civilization is just a new beginning!

Young Jack grew up fearing the taint-infested world that Earth had turned into. The rules were clear: work hard, stay in the haven, and run away from taint. He broke those rules, and people died. Now, as the newest member of the haven guard squad, he has to go back out into Taint-land, preserve ammunition, and find a purpose to live for. Instead, he finds a war.

How hard could survival be?

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About the Autor

We can all travel between worlds if we get the right story to guide us.

We are born and raised with stories. Whether they are the classical tales known the world over, or simple folk stories passed from generation to generation, they shape our minds and views of the world.

Some of us keep our fascination with stories long after we have stopped looking like children. We still need to hear how the hero defeats the monsters, gets the treasure, saves the world. Inside, we still SEE it happen.

And for some of us, the stories come from within.

I love creating stories, along with the people, places, and whole worlds filled with magic and wonder that surround them. Sometimes, I simply make up worlds, plans for stories, books, even games. Sometimes, I gather the will needed to go into those worlds and follow a story through.

Let me take you along for the ride!

Ivan Popov

Books & Novels

These are my latest projects. Visit the respective world pages in the books menu for a full list of stories, novels, and (un)published works

Alemaster: Awakening



All that Illyon Corvis wants is to get drunk. The problem? Ale gets him a direct line to the gods. And they haven’t talked to anyone in a very long time…

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Alemaster: The Search



Ily wants to get rid of his nightmares after he had to kill a goddess to set her free. Instead, he is given a quest, just like in the old legends. Literally.

Alemaster: Freedom



To harness the power of the Seed of Divinity, Ily needs the services of a curse-breaker. But first, he has to deal with a hungry gremlin, and that is very hard once you’re on the menu.

Blogs & Updates

Find the latest updates on my publishing process in the blog and look out for ways to take part in shaping my worlds!