These are short stories featuring various creatures, places, or items that could have been reality, had our world decided to run a tad closer to humanity's myths. We have undead, wizards, malevolent plants and metaphysical phenomena, and everything in between. Here, there be dragons!

The Choice

A prequel of the Questioned World setting, this story shows us the beginning of the Question, as seen through the eyes of a small boy who gets bound to his pet lizard.



For an insignificant price, assume control not only over your own life, but the lives of others! Would you make it into the Top Score list? Do you have what it takes to gain Control?


Sharing Space

Meet Richard Hayworth, analyst. His only goal is to live his geeky bachelor life and pay off his downtown apartment mortgage. Then his boss decides to introduce some productivity management tools, and Richard’s life becomes a mess of illusions, healthy food, and voodoo-assisted workouts.


Нека бъде лично

Какво би свързало млад мъж и древен некромант в разцвета на силите си (само на 853 години)? В нормални условия единият би умрял от страх, а другият би изсмукал душата на умрелия от чист професионализъм. Но не и тази вечер…



(coming soon!)



Поеми контрол над живота си, а защо не и над живота на другите? Цената е незначителна, а удовлетворението от това да попаднеш в списъка с най-добрите резултати – огромно! Опитай и разбери дали ти стиска да имаш истински Контрол!